Lauter Law advises organizations of a wide range of types, sizes, and industries regarding corporate governance matters. 

For today's businesses and nonprofits, mere compliance with administrative corporate governance requirements is inadequate.  Organizations must develop and implement corporate structures, policies, procedures, and programs to ensure their mission and values are guiding them as intended.  Moreover, organizations must keep apprised of novel technologies and practices that may create opportunities and challenges for their corporate governance strategies.

Lauter Law counsels businesses and nonprofits regarding a variety of corporate governance matters, including:

  • Entity formation and structuring
  • Board committee structure, composition, and charters
  • Policies regarding senior executive and director compensation packages
  • Risk management strategies
  • Shareholder communications
  • Corporate diversity and inclusion initiatives
  • Environmental, social, and governance policies

Lauter Law also represents organizations in corporate governance disputes involving:

  • Shareholder, partner, and joint venturer rights and duties
  • Shareholder derivative claims
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Internal investigations and responding to government inquiries
  • Special board committee investigations
  • Mergers and acquisitions 

Lauter Law provides creative, practical, and strategic solutions to guide organizations through complex corporate changes and challenges.

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